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Tip Sheet: Concerned About Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood

If you are looking for a particular person, you can also search the registry by name. Look for a "name" tab and type in as much or as little information as you know. In most cases, you will want to do a very broad search. You can even search an entire city. Simply typing your ZIP code into the search tool will give you a list with photos if they are available of every registered sex offender who shares your ZIP code. When you view the lists and maps generated through the search tool, keep in mind that you may be looking at work addresses in addition to a sex offender's home address.

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Check the Michigan Sex Offender Registry before kids go back to school. Updated: Remember, you may already know this person or know their family and friends. Even if they are new in your community, they are a part of it now. If the person who sexually abused is open and honest about the past, they may really be trying to change and live a different life.

Show your support for their willingness to live a different life that keeps children safe. Your support and watchfulness can help in their recovery.

Check the Michigan Sex Offender Registry before kids go back to school

It is also a chance to alert them that you know about their past and are aware of their actions today. Avoid a hostile confrontation. Making threats or taking revenge may put you at legal risk. Many people who have sexually abused go on to live productive, abuse-free lives.

But not all will make the needed changes in their lives. Your supportive watchfulness may help the person who has abused keep him or herself under control.

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What we do know is that there are people who have abused in our communities, some already identified, some not. Talk to your family and friends now. Make the sexual safety of children a priority all the time with everyone in your community. We encourage you to print and share these tip sheets in your family and community.

Our tip sheets are licensed under the Creative Commons , which allows you to reproduce them as long as you follow these Guidelines. For more information and guidance, please visit our Online Help Center. Create a family safety plan Your children and your family need to know what to do if anyone — family, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, or stranger — is approaching a child sexually. Attend the public community notification meeting If there is community notification meeting, go to learn more about this person, their risk level, and how they will be supervised in the community.

Find out if the person convicted of a sexual offense is being supervised Ask the person or organization who has notified you whether the person who sexually abused in the past is being supervised by a probation or parole officer. Consider joining with another neighbor to meet the offender Consider approaching the person with an offer of support, perhaps through the probation or parole office. Notify the police if you see this person in a suspicious situation Avoid a hostile confrontation.

You can limit access If you know what to look for and how to take action, people who sexually abuse children will not have access to them. Their abusive behavior can be stopped when we are all aware.