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  • What is my INCOMING (POP3/IMAP) & OUTGOING (SMTP) mail server name?.
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Use your own mail server

Contact Support. Mike Rosoft. Personal, work, etc. Is your email encrypted using SSL? TIP: Check out our automated tool for easy email set up! Configure Outlook Open Outlook and select Tools. Then click Account. Input your username.

Then click Continue. You can wait for Outlook to detect your provider type.

How to use my mail server to send and receive emails in Odoo — Odoo documentation

Or you can click Choose the Provider. Enter your information to the email form.

  • Find your Exchange mailbox server settings.
  • Step-by-Step POP Setup Instructions.
  • What is a Mail Server?.
  • Should You Run a Mail Server?.
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Then click Add Account. Learn more about the differences here Email Address: Your full user example. Username: Your full user example. Password: Your password. Incoming Server: We recommend using mail.

How to manage inbound messages

Outgoing Server: This will also be mail. You may receive a notification asking you to trust your certificate. This is normal if your domain is using a self-signed certificate. Simply select Always trust "certificate name" when connecting to "mail. Your email account should now be added. Keep in mind this may take time if you have a large amount of email on your server. Learn more about the differences here. Email Address: Your full user example. Incoming Server: This will be your email your access domain.

Outgoing Server: This will also be your email your access domain. Configure Outlook 1.

Install and prepare GCDS

Enter the email address that you're connecting to and it's associated password. If you don't know your email password, this article can help you reset it. Your user name is your full email address. We recommend IMAP. This Microsoft article describes how to use the "AutoArchive" function in Outlook:. In addition, a further setting may need to be configured to ensure that archived emails are removed from the mailserver: - in Tools More settings Advanced - check Purge items when switching folders while online. The AutoArchive process can also be used to delete old messages, instead of deleting them manually as described in option 1.

So, for example, if you know you don't ever need emails that are older than e. See the Microsoft article mentioned above for more information. Bear in mind that your archived mail is downloaded to your computer and deleted from the mailserver. So make sure that the location where your email application archives your email is part of your regular hopefully daily! The issue of storage space on the server can be resolved by switching to POP3 to collect your email. You will lose the benefit of a synchronised view of your email if you access your email on different devices such as a computer and a smartphone.

But if you don't use more than one device to collect email, or if you can operate without a synchronised view of your email, this solution is simple and effective. With POP3, your email is downloaded to your computer and deleted from the mailserver.

Manually Set Up an Email Account in Microsoft Outlook 2016 (IMAP or POP3)

So make sure that the location where your email application e. Outlook stores your email is part of your regular hopefully daily! To switch to POP3, you will need to change how your email account is configured in your email application. You can upgrade your web hosting account so you get more storage space - but this will cost you more money every year. And this only gets you more time. If you have already filled up the storage space on a standard hosting account, you'll soon fill up the extra space on an upgraded account - and when you reach that point, you'll have even more email messages to deal with!

IMAP is often the preferred method of collecting email, because it allows your different devices to see the same synchronised view of your email.

Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

But it comes with a major disadvantage - IMAP leaves all your email messages on the server, which can use up your quota of storage space allowed within your web hosting account.