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Therefore, parents should cooperate and reach mutually agreeable decisions as often as possible. This is the whole point of joint custody in the first place — the ability to co-parent. While rare, and usually only after a child is in his or her mid-teens, when making a custody decision, a judge may also consider the wishes of a child if he or she has expressed preference.

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This is not given nearly as much weight as the other factors and, in many cases, Michigan judges will not allow either parent to even ask the child which parent they would prefer to live with as it is unfair to the minor child. Issues of morality may be considered when making a child custody decision, to the extent that these influence fitness as parents. This means that verbal abuse, substance abuse, and illegal behavior can affect child custody decisions.

The judge will decide on both legal custody that encompasses major decisions affecting the child and physical custody that pertains to where the child spends the majority of their time sleeping. When issues like child custody are involved in a person life, simply showing up at the courthouse on your own is terrible idea. Working with either an experienced Michigan child custody attorney or another family law professional is the only way to ensure that you get the rights you deserve.

In Michigan, as in many other states, child custody and child support are separate issues. Child support is financial support provided by one parent to another and may be awarded even if the parents never married each other. This estimates the total amount spent on the child if the parents lived together.

Even when using available state manuals and supplementary reading material, it can be difficult to accurately calculate child support. Multiple steps are involved and just one mistake may drastically alter the result.

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If using the state child support formula would have an unfair outcome, a court may deviate from this formula. In general, deviations may include educational expenses outside of the normal range or costs to attend to special needs children. Michigan child support obligations typically end when the child turns 18 and has graduated from high school. A child support award may be revised if the petitioning parent can show that circumstances have changed significantly, either upward or downward.

This is done through filing a petition to modify child support. Whether going through a divorce or being involved in a parentage matter where both parents were never married to begin with , a father must work out child custody or visitation issues. Getting the right Michigan family law help can assist a father in fighting for and winning the right to spend the desired amount of time with his child. The clinic will focus on general divorce and child custody questions. This clinic is intended for individuals who are not represented by an attorney and is limited to a 15 to 30 minute consultation.

Our volunteer lawyers can answer questions about dissolution of marriage divorce and parental responsibility matters child custody. For more information, attached you will find the flyer that is used for the public. Metro Volunteer Lawyers MVL Family Law Court Program assists clients with uncomplicated, uncontested divorce or custody matters, where the other party is not represented by an attorney. Office of Economic Development Federal Blvd. This free informational clinic provides an overview of the divorce process with and without children and related forms.

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Volunteer attorneys provide information on filing for a divorce without the assistance of an attorney, and will cover divorce procedures and forms, child custody, child support, maintenance and property division. Participants should bring forms to the clinics available from the court website www. This clinic is informational only and questions are welcomed, but answers are generally confined to options, which the individual should consider. These clinics do not provide legal advice or representation nor do they directly assist in completing court forms.

Volunteer attorneys help attendees to understand the legal process and how to proceed as a pro-se party, as well as helping with resource referral. The Post-Decree Clinic assists pro se individuals with legal problems that arise after Permanent Orders have been entered in a Dissolution of Marriage or Allocation of Parental Responsibilities case. The main goal of the clinic is to provide meaningful post-decree assistance for people who are representing themselves in ongoing litigation. To find a lawyer in another province, you can contact the Law Societies of that province or look in the Yellow Pages for lawyers practicing in that area.

Hiring a lawyer to take on just part of a case can make legal costs much more affordable. Unbundling legal services means you can hire a lawyer for just a section of your case, such as:. These new rules are meant to provide guidance to lawyers who provide unbundled services.

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Some people may not be able to afford to hire a lawyer to deal with all aspects of their case. Unbundling helps to increase the availability of legal services for all Nova Scotians. If you know that you will be handling some parts of your own case, you can hire a lawyer to handle other parts that you may not know how to complete. This way, you and your lawyer work as a team to address your legal problem. Make sure you communicate regularly with the lawyer and ask questions.

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Here are a few examples of what a lawyer may be able to provide in your case with unbundled legal services:. You can represent yourself in court, but it is always recommended that you at least get some legal advice. People sometimes self-represent because they want to act as their own lawyer, but often it is because they cannot get a lawyer. This may be because they do not qualify for legal aid, and cannot afford to hire their own lawyer.

Many people represent themselves in family court matters for this reason. Even if you start the court process on your own, you can hire a lawyer or consult with one for advice at any time.

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There are several materials available to people who are self-representing, that may assist them in the court process. You can visit the Courts website for information guides and frequently asked questions. FLIP Centres provide general information on family law and court processes, as well as written materials on different family law topics. Staff in the FLIP Centre can direct you on how to find a lawyer, and to community resources that may be helpful to you.

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FLIP Centres may also offer information sessions on family law topics, like divorce, and may provide a computer for filling out forms. If you are going to a court hearing without a lawyer, the Going to Court workbook can provide you with helpful information. There are many ways to get legal advice if you cannot hire your own lawyer.

These ways may include:. You can contact the Lawyer Referral Service to get the name and contact information for a lawyer in your area. You then contact the lawyer to arrange for a 30 minute appointment. If you decide to hire the lawyer after the initial appointment, and the lawyer agrees to represent you, you will need to discuss how much the lawyer will charge to represent you.

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  • For more information about this service, visit the website , or call or toll-free at If you are employed, you may have an EAP through your workplace, or your current spouse or partner may have an EAP that you can use. EAPs provide services to employees, and sometimes this will include a free or discounted meeting with a lawyer.

    Through this service, persons with a disability may receive a free one hour session for legal advice from a lawyer who volunteers with reachAbility. The reachAbility lawyer will not represent you for the whole court process. You will have to pay the lawyer after the first free appointment, unless you make special arrangements with the lawyer. For more information about reachAbility, visit the website , or call , or toll-free at Youth Social Justice is help with things like School Board suspensions.

    To get legal information or advice or to get a lawyer to represent you, you should apply to Legal Aid. There are financial eligibility guidelines for full service this means a lawyer for your case , but discretion can be applied. You can also find this information below. Social Justice is help with income benefits and housing security. NS Legal Aid will provide you with information or advice, or if you qualify, a lawyer for your case. Some level of help is available to all Nova Scotians in these 3 areas of law. Discretion is exercised in deciding if you financially qualify for a lawyer for your case.