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Locating engine number and vin on 1992 honda cbr

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Honda Motorcycle VIN Check

Tell us about your vehicle below and we'll get you to the parts with the best fit. In the above video, we talk about "reading your VINs". It sounds pretty exciting right? That's because it is. A Vehicle Identification Number VIN is the digit string of numbers that an automotive manufacturer assigns to a specific vehicle that it produces. You can find out a lot about your car or truck if you are able to read and decode its VIN number, and that's why we are going to show you how to do just that.

How to Look Up the VIN Number for a Motorcycle From the '70s

Before , there was not any standardization of VINs on American model cars and trucks. Vehicle manufacturers could have used 8 digits, 10 digits, 25 digits, or really whatever they wanted. So, to make America a better place, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put their foot down in , and made all of the car manufacturers use 17 digits.

Each number within that 17 digit VIN meant something specific about that car, well We'll get into that later, though. That's because they get easily confused with the numbers one, and zero. Before we go any further on this automotive journey, I think we need to briefly talk about redundancy. I realize that saying "Vehicle Identification Number Number" is silly, but it sure rolls off the tongue easier fingers too.

So, you may see "VIN Number" throughout this page, even though it is totally redundant. In the real world, that is how people say it, and being a real person not a robot like many others , well you get the point. Okay, where were we? That encompasses the country of origin, the manufacturer, and the division that the vehicle is built for. First: In the example above, the first digit 1 means "United States"; if it was "J", it would mean Japan.

So this digit designates the country where the vehicle was made. Second: The second digit of a VIN number is the manufacturer that made the vehicle. This doesn't necessarily mean the "make" of the car though, because companies like General Motors have many different divisions.

Third: The third digit is the division of the larger manufacturer. In the case of General Motors, the division would be the more specific Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile or whatever it is. So, in the example above, the "N" happens to mean "Chevy". The fourth through the eighth digits combined, are called the "Attributes" of the VIN. They include things like safety, engine size, body style, and the series that the vehicle is.

Fourth: The fourth digit is safety, braking and suspension. So if you have a special option,heavy-duty truck with the eight lug wheels, or a towing package, this is the digit that will tell you "Hey this vehicle has a special suspension and brake package. Fifth: The fifth digit, in this case S, which is the series of the vehicle.

In the 's for example, General Motors built full size trucks that were C and K series along with and R and V series. The C and R were designations for two wheel drive. The K and V were designations for four wheel drive.

How to decode the VIN Number on a Honda Motorcycle.

The letters would be found in the fifth digit of the VIN on these trucks. In this picture above, we have S series, which happens to be an S10 series truck. Meaning there are titled engines, but no paperwork going with the frame. It wasn't until the federally mandated 17 digit VIN standard in the early 80's which stipulated that the frame and engine numbers needed to match in order to be issued ownership papers for street use. Manufacturers which did not use this same pre-unit construction do have matching VIN's before the 80's Harley, Indian, Triumph et al.

Frame and Engine Numbers for Classic Motorcycles

One further complication is that before the 17 digit standard, some dealerships titled their vehicles based on year of sale. Meaning if they couldn't sell a CB until , they would title it as a because that's when it was sold. These discrepancies really made the 17 digit standard quite necessary, but also really make my life difficult as a cycle dealer.

I must disclose the VIN and year as the numbers on the title, no matter if it's on the frame or engine, and even if I know for a fact there isn't a CBk for example. Very thorough and helpful! If I am understanding correctly: the best I can hope for when tracking the lineage of my particular bike is to determine that the frame and engine are the same year, and beyond that it's guesswork? I found this that includes a VIN chart by model But I can't tell where the "zeroes" are zeroes and where they are just place-holders.

It does give me hope that my frame and engine aren't mismatched though Edit: Never mind