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A name change includes amending any part of a name. If a person alters their name or uses an additional or other name with the intention to act fraudulently or with an intention to deceive or in any other way that contravenes the law, they may be subject to criminal proceedings.

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If you wish to register a change of name for your child under 18 years both parents must make a joint application. It also restricts people from making a change of name on behalf of a restricted person. Persons who are under the supervision of the Commissioner of Corrective Services, the Mental Health Review Tribunal, or the NSW Police Commissioner, must obtain approval from that authority before making an application.

Amendments to Birth Records | Department of Health | State of Louisiana

You must return all of your original certificates with your application including any NSW birth or NSW change of name certificates and extracts. Please be aware:.

Before applying in person, consider if you really need to. The name in your passport must match the name on your birth certificate, Australian citizenship certificate or your most recently issued Australian passport provided this was issued after 20 August with at least two years validity , unless you have changed that name through an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages RBDM or the Department of Home Affairs.

HOW TO: Change Your Name & Gender (Birth Certificate)

You must show proof of any new name s , including spelling changes, when you apply for a new passport. If you hold a passport with at least two years validity remaining, and you change your family name to reflect your new relationship status, or any of your names following gender transition, you can apply for a replacement passport in your new name to be issued free of charge.

Certificate Corrections

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