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Feats of Strength: How to Tear a Phonebook in Half

Put your thumbs close together in the middle though still along the top edge of the book. Push down with your thumbs so that the center of the book bends down to form a sort of crease. Keeping your thumbs and the crease in position, begin to bend the corners of the book down while also pushing inward on the crease. Maintain a firm grip on the book at all times, and use your pectoral muscles to keep firm inward pressure on the book. The book should begin to tear. Otherwise you may need to reposition your hands and continue ripping less gracefully.

Either way, it will be impressive.

Champion phone-book ripper ends pro career

When I was googling videos to share with you I noticed that tearing a phone book ranks above learning how to tear your hymen or your muscle! What idiot Googles how to tear paper?

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How To Rip a Phonebook in Half (even if you're weak)

Welcome to my thematically confused blog, as it's been called. I talk about everything from travel, food and health to random everyday happenings and funny things cats do. In , after some North American cities passed laws banning the distribution of telephone books, an industry group sued and obtained a court ruling permitting the distribution to continue.

A reverse telephone directory is sorted by number, which can be looked up to give the name and address of the subscriber. Ripping phone books in half has often been considered a feat of strength.

Phonebook Tearing - Feats of Strength - Tear a Phonebook in Half

There are Guinness World Records for ripping the most phone books within a specific time period: the record for most phone books ripped within three minutes was established by Tina Shelton in for females 21 books [9] and by Edward Charon in for males 56 books. The James Cameron film The Terminator features a titular 'cyborg assassin' antagonist sent back in time to murder the character Sarah Connor. Knowing only the name and general location of the target, the cyborg uses telephone directories from public phone booths to systematically murder everyone in the local area with that name, in the order in which they appeared in the directory, causing the press and police to use the nickname 'The Phone Book Killer'.

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You can help by adding to it. September Main article: Reverse telephone directory. Retrieved 16 April I really loved it, performing stunts for people, and I loved breaking things. It was the path that brought me to the exact perfect thing for me. Mama Lou quickly became a star, traveling across the world to perform for crowds all over the world—even for the president of Fiji.

She got where she is by never giving up, and hopes to stand as a model for young women.

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Mama Lou is more than just a powerhouse in strength. As she toured and performed daily, crushing pans and apples at will, she had to find some other stunts to entertain audiences. Looking to her other muscles, she trained her tongue to lift weights and her lungs to burst hot water bottles. Some of her stunts have even been inspired by audience members.