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Trouble is I cannot find Nathaniel King's paternal his father's name lineage Catherine's parents were Gabriel I am hunting for three sisters who's maiden name was Nicholas. They were born in Boyd County, Kentucky. Their name are Ruth, Mae and Phyllis. Ruth married a Meeks. I believe that Phyllis married a Mit First, the William Compton information supplied by William H.

Re: Reuben Rutherford -Pike Co. If you would like to contact me Adams, b. Other family names associated with this line are Runyon , Waldron, Sofield, and Rudebock. Would you happen to know anything about this other New Jers Notes from the Nov. Liberty: Arthur Sonner's baby died. Frank Butts is a sister of Mrs. Alice Sherwood of Rochester, New York. George Cr The spelling of her name was slaugthered in all the information that I gathered.

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His death record gave no information about either his father or his mother. I'd like some help finding his ancestry, please. Sally Chirlin - posted He was b. In census the famiily is in Andes with son David and dau. I would like dates of death and burial place for Henry and Patience Christian. Seek parents of both. Phyllis Dingeman - posted Would this be a state of town certificate? The place of death and burial is Croton. Silas died 15 Oct , possibly in West Meredith.

I have not obtained a death certificate for him. Should I try the state for his certificate before trying locally? If locally, to whom should the inquiry be made? Appreciate any assistance, thanks for your time and interest. Donna Grothaus - posted There may be one married to Madison Stilson. Is there a church in the area that may have records of deaths, or newspapers back in the 's? The census of and probably will show any children. Our records indicate a Cora Smith as daughter to Clinton Smith. These seem to be the lost strains of the Church family that our branches had little information on.

Diane Titus - posted March age 42 in the census for Stamford, Delaware, NY. Also would like maiden name of Eva and her parents. Wife Eva b.

April married 18 yrs. Katie b. Sep , age 6 single; Dau. Ida b. Mable b.

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Susan Clark - posted Charles Harkness ca Charles died intestate 10 Apr What happened to Margaret and the girls? John Hutchins - posted He was born on 22 December in Jefferson. Became a dentist with his office and residence in Stamford. He married Florence Lillian Lee on 08 March Janet Berish - posted I am especially wanting to know his parents names.

Family has told us that his mothers name was Carrie White or Wright, and he was raised by an uncle, last name Clark, and took his name. I am not sure this is accurate. Ray is found in census age 19 yrs, with his grandmother who is listed as Mary White, and they lived on Franklin Depot Road. I also found Ray in census, with his wife Nellie Jenny Cleaver.

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We have lotsa of info on her. Ray died in in town of Pittsfield, NY, we have his death certificate, and social security number, but when we checked with social security, they said records were too old, and all they had was a birthdate of september 15th. Most of the clarks stayed in Walton area, Nellie Jenny is buried in town of Walton cemetery.

Great Aunt still lives in Sidney center. Please help, I have been looking for this man Ray Clark for many years, even have a photo of him, just, can find nothing else to add to the family tree, and go back another generation.

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Clark and his wife Deborah Monroe. He was born in Delaware County in Dec They had two sons, Amos Montgomery and Homer A.

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What happened to Deborah and who were David's parents? Thanks--this is my husband's family--Homer was his great-grandfather. Sheila Peckham - posted Her grandfather's name was Lester R. Clark, married to Cora Potter. They are both buried in the Walton Cemetary, I don't think they were originally from Walton though. My grandpa Clark - Ivan, was born in Laurens in I gathered that information from the section for applied marriage licenses.

I hope it's correct.

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Ivan and Frances are also buried next to Lester and Cora in the cemetary. I have not been able to find anything on the Otsego county website. Mary Morgan - posted Our problem is we cannot find a death certificate. We contact the Town Clerk in Kortright and she stated the records burned in a fire, so we contacted Albany and they could not find any record of him.

We would like to find out who his parents were. Any suggestions to continue our search? Norma Clark - posted Their son Amos Montgomery Clark was born about in Delhi. David was born about in Delaware County. Helen Beazer - posted Curtis is a Revolutionary Veteran, originally from Ct.

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He was married to Elizabeth Lord. Curtis was born in Ct 5 July, and died in His service has been confirmed by the DAR also. I have visited his burial site. Clinton Cleveland - posted Abigail Cleveland married James Furman and I would like to find out the children in that family. James' last name may also be listed as Forman or Foreman. There were four Abigail Cleveland's in Delaware County - all related three would have been named after the first Abigail Cleveland.

Pat Watts - posted They had moved to Wisconsin by Lu Doering - posted He had a child who was the right age for my great grandfather, Montgomery Close, b. I would appreciate having any further information on this family to determine if this is the match for my Montgomery Close.

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Karen Close Goodman - posted Joseph Cluff married Betsey Elwell on Jan. Their first child, Lydia Maria, was baptized in Franklin on Nov. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted He was the son of a Claude Clum. Died in Albany, New York area around You can contact me at brianc89 hotmail.