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You may be able to trace the number to a name or business. You may have to enlist the help of a private investigator or the police to get results. Avoid free phone tracing sites, since these are very likely to be scams. For more tips, including how to hire a private investigator to trace a phone number, read on! To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 5 references.

Reverse Phone Lookup - Illegal?

This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: Telephone Numbers. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: June 24, Learn more Retrieve the number by dialing This code will lookup the number of the last person that called you.

Do a quick reverse phone number lookup to find out who's calling

This may be able to bypass blocked numbers. Since UK cell numbers start with 07, you can easily determine whether or not the caller is calling you from a landline. If so, you may be able to find the number in the white pages or, at least, narrow down to a city or region by area code. Try a variety of search engines. A Google search can help if the number belongs to a public company or organization.

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It's not a guarantee, but it's a good first place to start. If you don't find anything on Google, try some other search engines, like Yahoo! Try a reverse phone lookup service.

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These services search through public records such as voter registration to find matching phone numbers. None of these services are free, however. You'll likely need to pay to perform a search using them. Popular reverse lookup services include: [3] Avoid free phone tracing sites. There's a very good chance that any site that claims to track phone numbers is a scam. The only way that you can legally trace a number is by matching it with public records. Beyond that, only the authorities can trace numbers. Report nuisance calls. If you are regularly receiving nuisance calls from the same number, you can report it to British Telecom.

Oftentimes this will allow you to resolve the issue without getting the police involved. Call to report nuisance calls to BT. Contact a private investigator. You can hire a private investigator if you've hit a dead end. Be aware that the investigator will only be able to search through public sources as well. These services aren't cheap, but can be much more thorough than a reverse phone lookup service. Get started today! Are mysterious numbers calling you at weird times?

How to Reverse Look Up a Phone Number

Our detailed reverse number lookup reports include the identity of the caller, the carrier name, latitude and longitude, and demographic data. Our extensive phone directory includes virtually every number in the U. We offer so much more than just a simple reverse lookup tool for phone numbers. Once you discover who owns the number, for an additional fee you can learn more about the mysterious caller with an online background check.

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  6. Use our reverse directory whenever you want to learn more about a phone number. Did someone give you their cell phone number, but you forgot their name? Use our cell phone lookup to get their full name before you call.

    How to get CallerID and Reverse Phone lookups on your android!

    You can also use our background check service to learn personal information about almost anybody. Want to reconnect with someone from your past? Just run a background check and you might discover their current address. Instant Checkmate members have complete and unrestricted access to our full database of personal information.

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