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Additionally, some surviving bound Inquest and Reports of Deaths Registers dating back to the 's are still held by the Coroner's Court. Wills were registered and deposited with the Civil Court from , as were letters of administration granted when a person died intestate without a will. In jurisdiction for the administration of deceased estates was transferred to the Supreme Court, which still retains this function today. Many of the records created by these courts in the course of administering deceased estates have been transferred to the State Records Office.

Researching Vital Records at the State Archives

Further informatiom on Probate and Administration records can be found on our Grants of Probate Wills and Letters of Administration information sheet. Prior to the introduction in of compulsory registration of births, deaths and marriages, the responsibility for maintaining these records was assumed by the churches. Most of these early records were copied by the Registrar General's Office and transferred to the State Records Office as part of the following consignment:.

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Other Western Australian church records that document baptisms, burials and marriages are held by the Private Archives section of the Battye Library. Researching vital records for family history.

Marriage Records In addition to the marriage certificate it is sometimes possible to track down information on marriages through marriage notification registers held by the State Records Office. General: Colonial Secretary's Office. Supreme Court of WA, Divorce Registers, , Series 40 The alphabetical index provided in these registers allows file numbers for specific divorce cases to be identified.

Office of Vital Records

Registers also provide useful summary information on individual divorce cases. Later volumes record information such as the names of petitioners, respondents and co-respondents, maiden name of wife and date and place of marriage, and from onwards the number of children by the marriage.

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The registers are not restricted and can be viewed on microfilm in the State Records Office Mic Supreme Court of WA, Divorce Files, , Series 35 Typically the records in this series consist of petitions, counter-petitions, affidavits, notice of decrees, and related documents. This allows websites both governmental and third party to offer these records online with increased reliability, thus ensuring Washington abides by the commitment of the United States of America to remain a fair and just society for all.

In the state of Washington, government-generated records are all available to the public, but finding these records can prove difficult. Learn how to locate the record you want, and how much it may cost. The state of Washington considers driving and drinking to be a serious offense, and punishes offenders with fines, restrictions, mandatory classes, and potential jail time.

Researching vital records for family history

Learn what you need to know here. An arrest record serves as the first piece of evidence presented when a person is arrested by a police agency.

They cannot be changed or altered after creation. Washington supports the national Freedom of Information Act with its own stateside law.

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Learn more here. Public records here are available to the public by law.

Clark County is the fifth most populated county in the state of Washington. The largest city in the county is Vancouver. Apply for military benefits. Change your driver's license. To order copies by mail please fill out this form and return it with the appropriate payment.

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