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The pickle DELI will open sometime in July in a 1, square foot space in what was once vacant office space. The building, located at Park Avenue, will undergo extensive renovations right away. A more specific date will be determined later, but once the restaurant is up and running, its hours of operation will be Monday through Friday 11 a.

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I want to be an asset to the community. If you choose local pickup, please get your gift certificate at our office at W.

Sunnyside in Idaho Falls Dismiss. See this page for detailed information about selling foods that do not meet the Cottage Food definition. Cottage Food Production Operations must label all of their food products properly, which include the following information on the label of each unit of food product offered or distributed for sale:. Any "prepared food" sold by a "home food establishment" must have a label affixed, when possible, to the product containing the following information:.

Oklahoma Cottage Food Laws, Regulations and Facts

If a label is not easily affixed to the packaging of the bakery item, a free-standing label may be placed by the product or placed on the receipt. Sales or resale of "prepared foods" can occur at the following venues : Farmers markets; - According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, a "farmers market is defined as a designated area in which farmers, growers or producers from a defined region gather on a regularly scheduled basis to sell at retail non-potentially hazardous farm food products and whole shell eggs to the public.

A portion of the raw food ingredients used by the individual vendor to produce a product must have been grown or raised by the vendor. If a home food establishment plans to sell at a farmers market, they must obtain a "Sales Tax Permit.

Allowed locations does not include sales at retail and grocery stores, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, or wholesalers;. What is not allowed is, for example, "fresh" pineapple slices placed on an already "baked" pineapple cake. Baked goods with meat are not allowed , and products cannot have fresh fruit added after baking.

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Must be prepared in the kitchen of a private home for commercial purposes, License - Home food processors selling baked goods that meet the requirements do not require a license; other Individual vendors wishing to process food, as defined by Oklahoma Good Manufacturing Practices regulations Chapter , must obtain a state food processor's license. I use this one, which is reliable and inexpensive.

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And this pH meter is really good, but isn't always available. Short-range paper pH test strips, commonly known as litmus paper , may be used instead, if the product normally has a pH of 4. Then learn to can and freeze! Toggle navigation.

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