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Ancestors: In Search of Human Origins

Click here for more details. Your private journey, led by Dr. Johanson and limited to a small group of like-minded sophisticated travelers, will immerse you in the best South Africa has to offer while learning about your ancient ancestors and African wildlife. Here distinctive Cape Dutch architecture and spectacular scenery serve as a wonderful backdrop to your experience of the exceptional wines and cuisine of the area.

View African wildlife from open safari vehicles or on walks guided by top professional guides. Human ancestor finds far more ancient than Lucy have been recovered, but she remains the benchmark in paleoanthropology by which all other discoveries are judged.

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Through research, education, and sponsorship of scholarly interaction, IHO fosters the pursuit of integrated solutions to the most important questions regarding the course, cause, and timing of events in human evolution. At present, Johanson's primary goal is to further IHO's prominence by attaining a position of world leadership in the study of human origins and evolution.

Human Evolution Nova Series (the science behind it) part 1

An important element for achieving this goal is his current effort to consolidate the Institute in a building on the Arizona State University campus where he holds the Virginia M. Ullman Chair in Human Origins. Johanson is a frequent lecturer at universities and other forums, worldwide. He has coauthored six books now available in ten languages and has published in the National Geographic Magazine and innumerable scientific journals.

  • In search of human origins. Episode 2, Surviving in Africa?
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His current, state of the art web site is the premier web site in the world on human evolution: www. He is an Honorary Board Member of the Explorers Club where he was recently awarded the Explorers Club medal—the highest honor that the club can bestow; a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; and many other professional organizations and is the recipient of several international prizes and awards. Johanson believes that, "Understanding who we are is not just a matter of idle curiosity.

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It is a matter of survival for our own species as well as for the millions of other species with whom we share Earth. For without a clearer understanding of who we are, we will fall far short of the kind of future we would want for ourselves and for our children.