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In the past they have always had a March Academy and an October Academy.

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We arnt looking to get an email until probably January or February. I have my phase 1 testing next week and I'm pretty excited even though its a long road ahead. Definitely a long road ahead.

Expungement of Criminal Records | Portsmouth, VA

I have mine next week too. We'll all just take it one step at a time. Glad you found the thread. Be sure to keep us updated! Just wanted to give everyone who may be lurking and read this thread some advice. As VSP says, their website does have a LOT of information on it from the recruitment process days and times they'll be near you to the application process and the three phases you'll go through during recruitment.

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  6. This one speaks about all sorts of stuff and they even had a recent graduate from the October 6th academy on to talk about things. They are upping their transparency. The video is almost 2 hours long, but I can tell you To give you my process thus far Didn't hear anything for weeks and weeks and weeks, but from what I was told, that was because I hit a certain 'down-time' pocket. Normally it's just a few weeks and you'll hear something quicker than I. You will receive an email with your Phase I test date as well as the instructions on when and where to show up, etc.

    Thanks all and let us know if you're interesting or if you're in the process as well!

    Who needs a CIB?

    I just finished watching that video and definitely did answer a lot of questions! Phase 1 testing tomorrow. Good luck to everyone who is also testing tomorrow! I would love to apply but working for TSA i became lazy, stopped working out and lost myself. I would probably fail the first phase. Has anyone heard anything?

    Originally posted by OUser17 View Post. Background investigation. The only exception is if the citizen is applying for employment with Suffolk Public Schools where a fingerprint card will be supplied by Suffolk Public Schools. Skip to Main Content.

    What is a CIB (Crime Identification Bureau) background check?

    How can I get a copy of my criminal history record also known as a background check or criminal arrest record? Individuals may obtain a copy of their local criminal history record from the Central Records Unit of the Police Department. Proof of identification is required in the form of a state issued picture ID and there is a fee for this service. The Local Background Check form may be completed by the Central Records Unit or presented at the time the request is made. Please note this report will only list offenses committed within the City of Suffolk.

    The Department of Virginia State Police issues statewide criminal history records for a fee. Show All Answers 1. The curfew for kids under age 16 is 11 p.

    Virginia Background Checks: What you need to know

    When should I call ? If you have a health or criminal situation, call immediately. When calling the police, be prepared to provide as accurate and detailed descriptions of the event as best you can. The better the details you provide helps us to better our response. How do I contact the Suffolk Police Department?

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    Not all incidents reach the level of an emergency. Still we desire to provide our citizens the best service we can. In keeping with the restrictions of State law, you can only request criminal history information about yourself. To process your request you must:. Once you complete the Criminal History Request Form and pay the processing fee, a records specialist will check the Department's records while you wait.

    You will be given a copy of the Criminal History Request Form documenting the results of the search. If the records specialist finds that you have a criminal history involving an offense that was required to be reported to the Virginia Central Criminal Records Exchange, you will be advised that you will have to make a request directly to the Exchange through the Virginia Department of State Police.

    The reason for this referral is to ensure that you receive an accurate report. In cases involving CCRE reportable offenses, the Exchange receives dismissal, conviction and amendment of charge information directly from the Court that originally heard the case and any subsequent appeals. By going directly to the CCRE you will get an accurate record for your use or to provide to your employer.

    Virginia State Police Driver Training Complex—Training Course

    Since requests for criminal history information are governed by several different laws and depends on the original offense charged, the release of such information can be confusing. Please do not hesitate to call the Police Records Section at They will be glad to assist you in making your requests to the necessary agencies. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience.