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Tom Hardy's old MySpace account comes back to haunt him | Daily Mail Online

I knew I made the account with an ancient Hotmail. So I tried to guess the password I would have used for the account back in So I decided to try reset the password. No luck there, without access to the email address associated with the account I was unable to access the link Myspace.

What now?

Myspace account recovery vulnerability

I thought I would check the helpdesk of Myspace. Not helpful at all. Additionally I found Myspace.

So what now? How can you delete your Myspace.

How To Recover Your Original Blogs & Other Content

One word: compliance. Very helpful, thank you.

How to get your old MySpace back and then kill it forever.

I have been trying without success for years to delete my profile. I contacted compliance, and I hope for a response.

Thanks for the info. I have emailed and hoping this will be the last time I make any attempts towards this.

Deleting my profile was harder than getting a replacement copy of my birth certificate — and that was really annoying!! So I just got my profile deleted and I had contacted compliance support. Both emails were responsive and extremely helpful.

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Thanks for sharing. Thank you so much. I emailed them last night and got a response today, sent my ID and they deleted it!

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I have emailed MySpace twice with your suggestions but have not heard from them. I have received a response and sent them my id. Should I be worried? Might need to wait a bit longer.

Recover Your Old and New Myspace Photos, Messages and Videos

Does deleting your myspace page work for getting rid of all your photos when your name is googled searched? A lot of people have old undeleted MySpace profiles, but a security flaw exposed Monday finally gives us all reason to save any old photos and delete them for good. Security researcher Leigh Anne Galloway writes in a post that all anybody needed — up until MySpace pulled down the form on Monday after her post was published — to take over your old MySpace account was three pieces of information, which with a little inspired Googling, could typically be found online:.

Which was a bad thing. Galloway came across this hole in the system when she was trying to close her MySpace account. First a little back-story: MySpace was the victim of a massive — million accounts-massive — hack in As a reaction, MySpace hurt its own already-struggling business by invalidating every old user password as way burn up the user data that had leaked online.

This happened to every account created before June 11, on the original MySpace platform — so, probably your account. To gain access to your MySpace account post-hack, the company set up an an account recovery page, myspace.